Giant Monster Comic
Miette is a member of a cast of strange characters that live in the world of Puppets.

These finished pages are based on the raw colors that I created in 2011. Those image were a few steps removed from finalized panels but hey, buddies, they contained enough of the art basics to make the professional level work that you see here.

Miette is a strange little girl whose parents died when she was a baby. She lives with her grandfather at his magic shop where she learns puppetry and magic. Her skills quickly develop to a point where she can build her own mechanical puppets.

Giant Monster Comic
Cement is a towering monster who is a hero to Miette but a villain to the world.

Miette's monster is a 60 foot tall giant. Her skills as a puppeteer are put to the test as she directs the lumbering creature through the narrow and crowded streets of Central City. Cement, although mostly an ancient machine controlled by Miette, seems to have a complex set of emotions all of his own.

Giant Monster Comic
Ratso is a subterranean villain who befriends hordes of over-grown rats.

Ratso is hard to describe. He is part Freddy Krueger and part Willard. He has many similarities to Dr. Gone from Sam Kieth's The Maxx. As the story unfolds Ratso's motivations become more clear and his unique set of impressive skills are used to a startling effect.

Adding hordes of giant rats, some of whom are as large possums, and having them move in a massive wave is admittedly a pretty fun proposition. These creatures are products of pollution and over-crowding in the city. These rats in particular have grown to extraordinary size due to the toxins and waste in the water near their nests.

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