Miette and Ratso two-page spread.
Cement finalizes pondering the imponderables in this pre-volcanic vignette.

I'm combining my company logo with one of the main characters from this book project started in December of 2012. Until them I'm printing this inked design as black-and-white stickers for upcoming comic cons including ASH and Summit City. Let me know what you think of it.

Miette and Cement from Puppets by Schmitt and Edwards.
The monster crosses the Mittman Street Bridge into Central City.

Inks for this project are more fun than I had anticipated. I'm trying to get more of the central pieces of art finalized. A few of these drawings are cracking me up with the "extreme" facial expressions in some of the individual panels.

Currently, I'm digitally inking over 120+ pencils. I'm finding a few tight little compositions like these, that can be seen in larger view at Picasa for the book. Yep, I did say 120+ panels. That's about 17 pages.

Ratso the Rat-Man
Ratso is kinda psyched about some stuff. Rat stuff. He is a weird combination of the Joker and Sabre-tooth.

These pages start as seriously eff'ed up drawings - real messy graphite. Then, the original drawings get scanned in and dumbed down to 150 dpi reference art. This "pencil" layer lives w/in an AI document as a PSD or JPEG.

Adobe Illustrator very easily accepts the scanned "pencil" layer when it's imported as a PSD. Be sure to import the PSD with the "individual objects" setting checked! After the AI line work is completed, as an "art" layer, the image is exported from AI to PS for color and lettering.

After the color and lettering passes are finalized in PS my pages are brought into an InDesign document then I assemble it as a book. For you hardcore book designers: please note the "Import Options" check box when placing art in InDesign. You'll find some very robust tools in this option!

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